“Technically I am still young but according to my back pain I am actually 97”

Back pain is one of the most frequent problems of people for which they go to the doctor or miss work. It is a leading case of disability globally.

Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent or mitigate back pain. If prevention fails, simple home therapy and proper physiotherapy often will heal your back within a few weeks and keep it functional. Surgery is rarely required to treat back pain.


Back pain can vary from a muscle aching to a shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation. Also, the pain may transmit down your leg or worsen with bending, twisting, lifting, standing, or walking.

When to See a Doctor

Most back pain gradually recovers with the home treatment and self-care, usually within a few weeks. Contact your doctor if your back pain:
  • Continues past a few weeks
  • Is severe and doesn’t improve with rest
  • Radiate down one or both legs, especially if the pain extends below the knee
  • Causes weakness, numbness, or tingling in one or both legs
  • Is accompanied by unexplained weight loss

In a few cases, back pain can show a serious medical problem. Seek immediate care if your back pain:

  • Makes new bowel or bladder problems
  • Is accompanied by a fever
  • Follows a fall, blow to your back, or other injuries

Causes of Back Pain

The most common causes of Back Pain are cited below
  • Disc Prolapse/Slip Disc (Radicular or Sciatica Pain)
  • Degenerated Disc
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
  • Facet Joint Pain
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  • Coccydynia (Tail Bone Pain) / Perineal Neuralgia
  • Fractured Disc Pain (Osteoporotic/Malignant Fracture)