What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is an approach for improving the quality of life of patients in terminal stages of life-threatening diseases such as Cancer, Heart failure, Kidney Failure, Lungs Dieses etc. Palliative care is a specialized medical care or treatment procedure that helps in providing relief from pain and other symptoms of a serious illness. It is also capable in helping you to cope with the side effects of medical treatments.

The objective of Palliative care team is to provide comfort and improve quality of life for people and their families. This form of care is offered alongside other treatments a person may be receiving.

When to seek Palliative Care support?

Usually when a patient diagnosed with cancer or any similar diseases then, at very first patient got anxiety and tension at very beginning and at that stage no body think about the pain management or palliative care procedure during that time . But gradually when the cancer in the body get spread, and the treatment for cancer started then the pain started in the body, it is due to the dieses and the side effect of the treatment such as chemo therapy / Radio therapy. So it is advised to the patients to contact the palliative care team within eight weeks of the detection of cancer, so that it will be very helpful for the patient to get relief from cancer pain.

The Procedure for Palliative Care.

When a patient undergoing palliative care support, then our team provide counselling support to the patient as well as his/her family members or care givers. We at Pain Free Odisha manage the patients pain during palliative care support as follows:

  • Medications: During the initial stage we prescribe some neuropathic drugs that reduces pain by numbing the nerves.
  • Patches: There are several patches available these days, which you can apply on any hairless places of your body, so that you don’t need to take oral tablets. These patches are very useful and work in long terms, e.g.- a patch can continues to work up to 7 days.
  • Interventions: This is one of the effective way of pain management, if the pain persist after medications and patches, then we suggest the patient to go for interventions. In this process we use specialised injections to defunct the pain carrying capacity of the nerve of particular organ that causes the pain. We perform this using Radio Frequency Ablation. Pain Free Odisha is the only facility in Odisha which provides Radio Frequency Ablation in pain management.
  • Physiotherapy: Sometimes along with the treatment we suggest the patient for performing certain physiotherapy to manage the pain.

Why Pain Free Odisha is the Best Palliative Care Center in Bhubaneswar?

  • Pain Free Odisha in the Only health care facility in Odisha that provides advanced palliative care support to patents of any stage.
  • Pain Management by Radio Frequency Ablation.
  • Day Care Procedures.
  • Accepted by All major Health insurance providers as well as BSKY.